Internship @Japan

What better way to see if the career path you have chosen is right for you? If you are an undergraduate seeking an understanding of the hospitality industry, we are offers a paid Internship Program in Japan that provides practical work experience and an introduction to hospitality industry and unique Japanese’s culture
We offer 1 year experience in some of the most well-known tourism destinations in Japan. There are many aspects of a hospitality and tourism internship, such as operation management, event planning, marketing, and customer service.

The interns will be working on various assignments in the industries of Hospitality, Service, Retail, etc.

The placement with various organizations will be based upon the academic disciplines of the interns with broader functional categorization of jobs within the organizations.

The interns will be required to join the programme on full time basis and follow prescribed rules and regulations of the concerned organizations including observance of office working time and confidentiality requirements etc.

Programme Length:
1 Year


Types of Jobs:

① Hospitality and Tourism Management
② Food and Beverage
③ Retails

In order to be eligible for the Japan’s Internship Program candidates must meet the following requirements

① Aged 16 – 30 years, Healthy and a great attitude to work
② Students: Enrolled in a full time Hospitality or Culinary management tertiary course (minimum Diploma level), or
③ Graduates: A recent graduate (of a full time Hospitality or Culinary management tertiary course) within 18 months of graduation
④ Must be able to communication in Japanese at least N2 or N3 Level and having some relevant skills or experience in Hospitality Industry
– Basic Salary Between USD 1,600 – USD 1,700
– Accommodation will be provided for free or the company will subsidy
– Year-end Bonus Expected

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