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International work experience is more important than ever and one of the best ways to make the leap into working abroad is by completing an internship in Australia – We offering a range of internship opportunities throughout the country.

The Hospitality Program is a paid internship program offered to highly skilled candidates that are completing or have completed hospitality studies and have relevant hospitality experience. There is 1 year contract Positions are available in Food and Beverage, Front Office, Cookery and Housekeeping.

Internships are arranged on a full time basis with interns completing a minimum of 30 hours per week. The average hourly rate for interns is AU$16-$20; or get monthly stipend of AU$ 600-900. This wage may vary depending on the Host Organization and internship hours.

Interns have the flexibility of choosing their preferred start dates.

Programme Types and Duration:

Types of Jobs:
1 Hospitality and Tourism Fields
2 Human Resources
3 Events and Marketing

Lead time:
3-6 months in advance, pending available vacancies and visas

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA):

All interns who opt for the Hospitality Internship Program must present a copy of their Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate or complete the online RSA course, prior to commencing their internship in Australia. This is a program requirement for all interns completing the hospitality internship program in the Food and Beverage Department and must be done before the internship starts.

This program gives you the knowledge and skills to provide responsible service of alcohol. It is important for all interns working in licensed establishments in Australia to know their responsibilities and obligations for serving alcohol.

The RSA course can be completed online. Online training gives you access to all reading and examination material at times suited to your needs. The program offers continual support from online mentors.
Course includes:
1. Identifying customers to whom service may be refused
2. Preparing and servicing alcoholic beverages responsibly
3. Serving alcohol within appropriate limits
4. Assisting alcohol affected customers

Benefits to you:

1. A cost effective training method
2. Improve customer service techniques
3. Online study – flexible and convenient study format
4. Provides up-to-date industry standards
5. The cost for the course is AUD $110 (Online course is available for Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia . For New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria, RSA has to be conducted on site).


Arranging accommodation in a foreign country can be daunting; Australian Internships wants you to enjoy your stay in Australia and we are happy to assist with your accommodation arrangements. Following are brief descriptions of the accommodation options available to you:

We recommend homestay as a great personal introduction and welcome to the daily life in Australia. Living with an Australian family will give you a unique insight into the culture and values of our country and assist in preparing you for the business environment. All homestay families are carefully selected and keen to ensure you enjoy your visit to Australia. After indicating your homestay preferences, Mpower Global will take the time to make sure that you have a homestay provided to meet your specific needs. The fees for homestay vary and are influenced by your choice of location. Please refer to the price section of this website for details on the homestay rates.

We also have a wide range of Student Residential which offers a unique opportunity to live and interact with students from all over Australia and the world. You can choose from private room, double room, triple room or more with ensuite or not. Student Residential are usually located near shops, cafes and restaurant and include a kitchen and lounge and sometimes Gymnasium. Internet and laundry are available at extra cost.

Alternative Accommodation
Many interns prefer to find their own accommodation but they still ask us to arrange initial accommodation for their arrival.

Hostels Several inexpensive and safe hostels are available in each location. Prices start from AUD$18 per night or AUD$125 per week. Specific information will be supplied at your request. For detailed information on hostels please visit

Share Accommodation is available in most major cities of Australia. Many visitors choose to share flats or units with other Australian students or young singles and this option is popular for the independent interns who enjoy their own space. We strongly advise that you take the time to meet and view the premises for a share option after your arrival as they will vary quite dramatically, as will the people providing the accommodation. A popular website for share accommodation is

In order to be eligible for the Australia’s Internship Program candidates must meet the following requirements:

1. Age between 18-30 Years Old
2. Students : Enrolled in a full time Hospitality or Culinary management tertiary course (minimum Diploma level), or
3. Graduates : A recent gradute (of a full time Hospitality or Culinary management tertiary course ) within 18 months of gradution
4. Minimum Work/Study Requirement : Minimum 12 months full time work and/or study related to the nominated internship department obtained in the past 24 months
5. Work Experience : Minimum 6 months full time (or 12 months part time) in the selected internship department
6. English : Upper intermediate – advance English language skills , Reqested for IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Be provided a framework for graduate and current students from diverse academic backgrounds to be assigned to various hotel where their education experience can be enhanced through practical work assignments.

Gain experience in the hotel & tourism organization with the objective of deepening their knowledge and understanding of the hotels goals, principle and activities.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a new career adventure – an internship through Australian Internships Program with Mpowerglobal. Please follow the below instructions to complete your application video.

This application video will allow us to gauge a better understanding of your skills and goals which in turn will help us find the best possible internship for you. The application video is an easy and simple process that will avoid time zone difficulties which will assist with application progression and allow applicants to present themselves professionally to industry.

1. Record you video via a smart phone/recording device in landscape
2. Set the phone/recording device up on a stand so that you can speak hands free
3. Select an appropriate location – quiet environment & clean background
4. Dress to impress – wear professional attire
5. Be prepared and speak clearly – a good idea is to practice first
6. Look at the camera during your recording

Videos should be between 1 – 3 minutes in length and follow the below guide for recording:

Introduction (10 seconds):
State your name, nationality, current location and age

Education (30 seconds):
Provide an overview of your current/past studies highlighting academic achievements or graduation dates

Internship Objectives (40 seconds)
Explain your Internship goals including specific areas/tasks/responsibilities within your field you would like gain exposure to

Personal and Professional Skills (40 seconds):
Highlight your skills related to your internship field & how you developed these skills (academic or professional experience)

Upload your video to youtube and send URL address to

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