Youth development is a journey that all young people go through and the key to promoting positive development is to plan quality experiences with the youth. At the heart of Mpower is our philosophy that holistic youth development involves learning the right values and using them to benefit the community. This philosophy is manifested through our C.E.L.L. Philosophy and C.A.M.P Methodology.


The C.E.L.L. philosophy reflects the core beliefs of Mpower towards youth development. C.E.L.L. is short for
it captures the essence of our ideals on youth development.


The C.A.M.P. Model is Mpower’s experiential learning methodology, short for
It is represented in a cyclical manner because learning is a lifelong journey that has no end. Participants will continue to experience changes in life which they have to adapt to, learn from and make plans to improve from.


The programme has been specifically designed with a Hoslistic Experiential Learning Approach to maximize learning and development. Our action-packed activities are designed to simulate the challenges in life.

GEOCACHING is an outdoor treasure-hunting
activity in which the participants use a GPS receiveror other navigational techniques to hide and seek items, Integraced with innovative team-building agvantures to fuel up team spirit and strengthen team excellence. The Geocaching Challenge is able to bring out values of innovation and Dynamism.

ARCHERY will learn to tune out all distractions, focus on their form, and release the bowstring consistently. In the archery challenge, you can compete against others or against yourself. But the sport isn’t just about hitting bulf’s-eyes. Shooting your bow and improving your form with practice also builds self-esteem.

LASER COMBAT This Challenge seeks to expose Challengers to effective leadership and team bonding exercises by engaging them in tactical activities with a slight role-playing theme. Challengers are faced with a variety of scenarios and have to strategize with their team-mates on how to best complete their missions.

PAINT BALL Paintball is an adrenaline rushing sport which is safe (statistically reported to have lesser injuries than most sports!) and suitable for people of different gender and physique. Paintball is a fun activity that helps to enhance self confidence, trust, decision making skills, communication, leadership and teamwork.

MOHAWK WALK Walk across a series of planks as a group without falling off. Understand how each person contributes to the success of a task no matter what role he/she plays. Mohawk Walk is a great physical activity to challenge participants. Leadership, trust and problem solving are all outcomes from this activity.

SPIDER WEBTrust and teamwork are required to pass people through the Spider’s Web. Carefully pass teammates through the Spider’s Web without waking the giant spider! Creative thinking, trust and teamwork are a must as individuals work together to help each other through the openings in the spider’s web.

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