Who we are

Mpower Global® established since 2011, has supported our clients with international placements. Backed up by a team of vibrant youngsters full of zest and driven by the urge to succeed and be the best, our dedication and enthusiasm have helped us achieve so much within a short span of time and have a strong clientele to our credit. We strive to meet and exceed client expectations stand us in good stead to retain the trust and goodwill of clients,

employees and customers, worldwide. Through the years, we have increased our team of consultants from Asia to include those with a wide variety of skills. This has allowed us to extend our portfolio of courses to include those outside the expected range of management skills. Each client has a uniquely tailored programme specifically aimed at their own requirements.

Our Clients


Our Vision

Mpower Global is viewed locally and internationally as a professional and productive organization serving students, educational institutions, employing organizations, and governmental agencies, also a highly valued partner with state, regional, national, and world associations that promote the concept, acceptance, development, and implementation of work-integrated learning.

Our Mission

Mpower Global, the leader in Internship Programme, demonstrates an institutional commitment to the creation, maintenance and enhancement of high quality, formal internship programs, who provides a supportive member-driven learning community for participating programs that are derived from theories and conceptual models.

Our Team

Mpower Global is situated in the eastern part of Bangkok, Thailand and with a team of young, dynamic and ready to serve professionals that have many years of experiences in all trades and able to render excellent services to our clients.


  • “Internship in Singapore was great! It took the learning from my class and transformed it into workable knowledge, reinforcing everything I was studying and gave me hands-on experience in a Hotel Management related job. Even before my internship was over I was offered a job to stay on at the Hotel. The motto of the school is to “engage,” but you have to take the initiative. I think anyone who is passionate about their degree and the field they want to go into should do an internship. A very great thankful to Mpower Global that gave me this chance to become successful”
  • Reyes Ivy Sunga
    Singapore Programme

  • “My last internship was definitely one of the best things I’ve done all year. I worked with a huge Western Restaurant Chain in United States. I learned many valuable skills while working there. Not only did I gain marketable experience for my future career, but also skills that I can use in my personal life: time management, perseverance, and the importance of communication. Thanks to Mpower Global for helping me define my future career goals by completing this internship.”
  • Jeremy Choo
    United States Programme

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